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I have taught many classes and workshops in astrology and self-development. Here is a sampling of the most recent and planned programs:

  • Mercury Retrograde Without Tears! So many of you have reported suffering from the more annoying effects of Mercury Retrograde (computers going crazy with bizarre, bewildering technical problems; tons of ideas but spinning your wheels, unable to move forward; information overload, too many distractions; confusion and miscommunication in scheduling, meeting and travel plans), I've decided the time is ripe for a more in-depth look at this thrice-yearly phenomenon. There ARE ways to minimize the negative effects and actually THRIVE during this period. This workshop will help you sail through those times when Mercury is up to mischief!

  • Feed Your Energy, Strengthen Your Spirit: a self-care workshop. Where does your energy go? What's keeping you from focusing your will and moving forward in your life, your relationships, your work? We'll begin with an exercise that will help you assess your own energy, what builds it and what drains it. Then we'll experiment with some simple techniques for blocking energy drains and building energy within ourselves, drawing on astrological lore for practices that are tailor-made to feed your personal energy field.

  • Saturn and the Circle of Life: how to live intentionally through the Saturn Return periods of your late 20s and mid-50s.

  • Midlife Without Crisis? An astrological framework for manifesting your vision in your 30s and 40s.

  • Finding Your Unique Vision and Falling In Love With Your Work

  • Live Your Dream! Full-Day Intensive

  • Many others are available. I can bring any or all of these inspiring and enlightening experiences to your group, or tailor a presentation to meet your needs. E-mail me to inquire!

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