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This page describes my astrological consultations. For coaching services, see details on the Coaching page.
I went to Miriam to find out what oppositions were coming up in my chart. She showed me things that I did not know about myself, but vaguely suspected. Miriam's forecast helped me prepare for things that would have thrown me off my path if I didn't know they were coming. She helped me to face different areas of my character that I needed to address in order to reach my personal goals. I used the momentum of the planets to get into graduate school. It worked!!! Thanks, Miriam!!!

- C. Dana Evans, Massachusetts artist and educator

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If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it's not your path.
Your own path you make with every step you take. That's why it's your path.
- Joseph Campbell

The birth chart is a template of your individual nature, a guide to the strongest tendencies in your personality. It shows what comes naturally to you and what might be more of a stretch. There is no judgment involved: you are what you are, and every personality trait has its upside and its downside. There are no restrictions either: there is nothing you cannot do if you choose.

When you schedule your consultation, you give me your date, time, place of birth. With that information, I cast your birth chart and study it.

Then I observe the current energies flowing around you through looking at transits and progressions -- where the planets are now in relation to your birth chart.

We meet (in person, on the phone or on Zoom) and compare notes: you know what's happening "on the ground" in your life, in your mind and in your heart, and I understand the meaning of the underlying energies as represented by your planets.

The result is a clearer understanding of yourself and your situation, which helps you make easier, better informed decisions.

I do not predict the future, because you can always influence your own future with the power of choice. I show you which way the energy is flowing, and it's up to you whether you want to go with the flow or swim against the current!


Astrology works for your business too! I can help with everything from vision and start-up timing to decision-making and day-to-day management. Your business thrives when you thrive. Use the Natal Analysis to gain clarity around your vision and goals, the Electional to pick the perfect time to start a new venture, the Forecast to get a preview of things to come, and the Horary for those snap decisions.

All consultations except the Horary, the Electional, and the Quickie include a recording of your session and occasional, brief e-mail follow-ups for up to 6 months.
For all consultations except the Horary and the Quickie, the price includes initial chart setup and research prior to your session.
Refer a new client to me and receive 20% off your next session.
If cost issues are making you hesitate, please e-mail me to inquire about alternatives. I can usually find a way to make it work for you!

Natal analysis plus 12-month forecast

This session combines a perspective on your unique nature and potential with the "cosmic atmosphere" for the coming year. Please read the descriptions below for more details. This is typically a 90-minute session. The fee is $225. Recommended for first-time clients as the best way to get the Big Picture of your life.

Natal analysis

Your natal chart is your astrological DNA, showing all the potential of your individual being. It is the story of you, all laid out in mythopoetic symbolism which I then interpret for you. Your unique talents are here, as well as your unique challenges. In this session, we find the hidden meanings in the way your life has unfolded so far, then examine the choices available to you based on who you are. This is typically a 60-minute session. The fee is $180.

12-month forecast

The coming year in depth. I combine a number of forecasting techniques, including transits, secondary progressions, eclipse analysis, and the solar return chart, to provide you with a complete picture of the trends affecting your year ahead. This is typically a 60-minute session. The fee is $180.

6-month forecast

Same depth of analysis, shorter period for just $90.

Prepaid quarterly update service

$180 per year for 4 quarterly 20-30 minute sessions.

Monthly retainer option

Each month I give you a breakdown of current celestial energies as they affect you (and your business, if applicable). Then I'm on-call all month to answer your questions. This option includes one scheduled 30-45 minute consultation per month plus unlimited brief e-mail and phone check-ins. The fee is $225 per month.

Vocational analysis

What would it be like to be doing the work that's perfect for you? Your birth chart has a lot to say on what kind of work suits the kind of person you are, how best to support yourself financially, and in what ways you were born to contribute to the world. This is typically a 60-minute session. The fee is $180.

Relationship analysis

Whether it's a romantic, family, business or friendship relationship, astrology has much to say about the dynamics between two people, not to mention each person's unique way of relating to others. The insights you receive can dramatically improve all your relationships. This is typically a 90-minute session. The fee is $270.

Lifetime retrospective

An opportunity to look back as well as forward, and put your life in perspective. We take as much time as we need, up to 3 hours, to explore the patterns of your past as indicated in the symbolism of your transits and progressions. The fee is $450. The Lifetime Retrospective is a lot to absorb, so it can be split into two 90-minute sessions if you choose.

Three freestyle sessions

When you're in the throes of a major life transition or grappling with a particularly challenging issue, often a single session just isn't enough. I offer a special rate of $450 for 3 sessions in a row (within 3 months). We can explore your natal chart and use the forecasting techniques to go forward and backward in your life to arrive at an understanding of the patterns involved.

Horary question

Astrology can answer a simple question with a predictive technique known as the horary chart, bypassing the usual route of natal, transit and progression analysis. This is useful when you have a specific decision to make. I cast a chart for your question, and the chart answers it. The fee is $45.

Electional (timing) question

Electional astrology has nothing to do with politics - unless you're asking for the best day to throw your hat into the ring! This technique can help you select an optimal birth time for your business, the perfect day for your wedding, the best time to sign that purchase and sale agreement for your new house, even dates to avoid scheduling surgery. The fee is $135 and includes up to 3 potential times for you to schedule your event or make your move.

"The Quickie"

If you've never had an astrology reading, and you just want a taste of what astrology can do for you at a low price, this might work for you. I cast your chart based on the date, time and place you provide, and give an off-the-cuff reading, calling 'em as I see 'em. This is a 30-minute session with no advance preparation, no recording, and no follow-up included. The fee is $45. For first-time clients only.

  • Telephone me at 978-376-9164,

  • E-mail me, or

  • Send a PayPal payment to, and I'll e-mail you to schedule. To ensure that you receive e-mail communications from me, please add and to your address book or safe senders list.

Please provide your date, time and place of birth so that I can calculate your chart, and your e-mail address and telephone number for scheduling.

  • Payment in advance is required for remote sessions. If you're meeting with me in person, you can bring your payment to your session. Refund policy is stated below.

  • Payment options are:
    • PayPal - you'll receive an e-mail payment request with a link to PayPal's secure website. You don't need a PayPal account.

    • Check or money order - please make it payable to Miriam Klamkin and e-mail me for my mailing address.

  • When your payment has cleared, I'll e-mail you with your scheduling options. To ensure that you receive e-mail communications from me, please add and to your address book or safe senders list.

  • Refunds: If, for any reason, we can't schedule your session, your payment will be refunded in full, via PayPal or check. It will also be refunded if you cancel your session at least one week in advance. Unfortunately, I cannot give refunds for sessions you have scheduled but not attended. With sufficient notice, I'm always happy to reschedule.

  • Cost: If cost issues are making you hesitate, please e-mail me to inquire about alternatives. I can usually find a way to make it work for you!

  • In-person sessions (in my Beverly, MA office) and telephone sessions are available.

  • All of your dealings with me are absolutely confidential. I will never share your name, e-mail, telephone number, or any personal information about you with anyone, without your express permission.

  • Your session may be recorded on MP3 by prior arrangement with me at no additional charge.

  • If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me or telephone me at 978-376-9164.

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