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Please note: A minimum of 1% of your fee for all consultations, classes, and other services booked this year will go to Seeds of Peace, an organization that fosters communication between young people from opposing sides of the world's conflicts. I've pledged that 1% for several years running, and each year I've been able to contribute at least 10%. Thank you for helping me support their amazing work!

Note: the process for these services is the same as for personal astrological consultations. Please see the personal consultations page for details.

To arrange a consultation or other service:
  • E-mail me at,
  • Telephone me at 978-376-9164, or
  • Send a PayPal payment to, and I'll e-mail you to schedule.

New!Business Coaching

Sometimes you just need someone to bounce things off of, someone who will listen without judging and then ask the questions that will help you clarify your values and your path ahead. Clients report amazing breakthroughs in self-confidence, clarity, and productivity.     I offer one free initial 30-minute session to allow us to explore whether this kind of collaborative support is right for you.

Life Direction Consultation

Your business thrives when you thrive. Let me help you gain clarity around your vision and goals, and watch your business take off!    $225.

Optimal Birth Time for Your Business

Timing is everything! Together we select the perfect moment to begin the operation of a successful venture.    $225.

Decisions, Decisions...

When you really need to know... the planets map out the potential consequences of the choices that lie before you.    $45.

Partnership Analysis

Whether you've been partners for years or are just thinking of going into business together, this consultation can improve the way you work together.    $225.

Monthly Retainer Option

Each month I give you a breakdown of current celestial energies as they affect you and your business. Then I'm on-call all month to answer your questions. This option includes one scheduled 30-minute consultation per month plus unlimited brief e-mail and phone check-ins.    $225 per month.

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