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with astrologer and life coach Miriam Klamkin
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are you living a life that is true to who you are?

Or are you struggling in a situation that conflicts with your inner nature, that doesn't meet your needs or serve your ideals?

What would it be like if you had a sounding board? a guide? a motivator?

Whatever it is that makes you drag your feet getting out of bed in the morning...
whether it's career dissatisfaction...
health issues...
or just the everyday stresses of life in the 21st century...

...with the right support, you can find your way back to a life of joy, lived directly from your center.

Astrology is the pre-eminent tool for getting to know yourself, coming to terms with who you are, and creating a life plan that resonates with your inner being. Your birth chart is a gold mine of information and insight into your true nature, your special talents, what you're meant to do in this life, and what's holding you back from achieving your highest potential. Transits, progressions, and other time-mapping techniques help you design your life path from day to day and year to year.

I'm Miriam Klamkin, and I am here to help! For over 30 years I have been using astrology in conjunction with coaching, visualization and other techniques designed to illuminate your path to living your inner truth. I'm available for astrological consultations and ongoing coaching support as well as workshops and classes. I also do some writing on astrological and spiritual topics. Check out my current schedule. Read more about me here. Feel free to get in touch with me with any questions or thoughts.

Miriam has lots to offer, and it arises from her own experience,
so she walks her talk with compassion and understanding.

- How Not To Stress program participant

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