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June 2006

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Friday - Sunday
July 28-30, 2006

Conference Center
Worthington, MA

It comes much earlier than menopause, and it happens to men as well as women. It can start as early as age 36 and last until 45. It is intense, painful, bewildering. Some call it midlife crisis, but I like to think of it as the Midlife Metamorphosis, because of its unique potential for breathtaking transformations of spirit. If you are in this phase of your life, this workshop is for you! Informed by insights from astrology, literature and your own experiences, and prepared with exercises that open your senses and heighten your awareness, you'll embark on a vision quest in search of the power within you.

To register for this event, call the conference center at 413-238-4240 by July 15.

An e-mail course
to help you through
Mercury's reversals

During Mercury's retrograde periods, schedules keep shifting, misunderstandngs abound, and keys and important papers go into hiding. Mercury Retrograde Without Tears! helps you not only cope, but thrive during this high-stress, high-maintenance phase. For $18, you get 5 lessons in your e-mail during Mercury Retrograde (July 4-28, 2006), plus a bonus lesson at the end. Register by July 1st to ensure that you receive all materials on time.

Registration and details
Date and time TBA
Celtic Corners Art Gallery
196 Cabot St., Beverly, MA

Yep, I'll be the one woman, offering 15- and 30-minute mini-readings for an afternoon or an evening, using a mixture of astrology and Tarot. I am excited about the opportunity to offer my local community a taste of the wisdom of the stars and the magic of the cards! I did hope to be able to announce the date for this event, but, alas, it's still in the planning stages. In the meantime, go visit the gallery and check out the beautiful and evocative things Elaine Barry has collected in her hip downtown art space!

Astrologer Miriam Klamkin


Summer is a-comin' in at last... not a moment too soon for those of you who haven't been enjoying this cool, rainy Spring... quite soon enough for folks like me who don't care for hot and muggy weather. However, there's always ice cream to look forward to... and swimming in the ocean...

Astrologically speaking, we here in the Northern Hemisphere are at the height of the growth season, heralded by the entrance of the Sun into the Zodiac's most fertile sign, Cancer, on June 21. The subtle softening... relaxing... opening... that began invisibly at Winter Solstice and picked up momentum with the slow return of the light, the melting of the snow, the softening of the ground, the sprouting of leaves and flowers, has reached full, ripe culmination now.

What does this tell us about the process of creation as modelled for us by Nature?

  1. We're at our most fertile when relaxed and open.

  2. It begins unconsciously, in the dark and cold, invisible on the surface.

  3. It's a slow, subtle unfolding process that builds on itself.

  4. Growth depends on nourishment -- the sunlight, the water, the minerals in the soil.

All this is a far cry from the high drama of the creative life as depicted in our cultural myths: the single lightning strike of inspiration, the agonizing struggle to express oneself, the lone starving artist in the attic. "An artist must suffer."

Is this true? Must an artist suffer? Does the seed suffer during its long cold incubation period, down in the dark? Or is this merely another, natural, essential part of the cycle? Perhaps we would suffer less during our own creative incubation periods if we knew that the softening of Spring necessarily returns, year after year, followed inexorably by the opening of Summer.


June 2006

After an unusually quiet couple of months, we're receiving another visitation of 2006's major theme, the Fixed Cross. The Jupiter-Saturn square peaks on the 22nd, amidst an energy-revving fortnight of hard Mars aspects to both planets.

This is the second Jupiter-Saturn square in the series of three. As I mentioned in the December issue, this transit denotes a resistance to any pushing or probing that could disturb a stable situation, however undesirable that situation might be. The concurrent Mars transits tend to provoke pushing and probing, however, so undoubtedly many of you are embroiled in some crisis of this sort as I write.

The best approach to this, I believe, is to hold a vision of the highest and best possibilities for the combination of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars energy, and to try to manifest that highest and best in your own world. What if you could come from a place of maturity, responsibility, and global perspective (Saturn and Jupiter) and use that Mars drive to initiate something worthwhile in the world. In short, now is the time to be channelling your inner grownup.

The second of three passes is the retrograde, reflective one. This month, take a giant step back from your present situation, try to see it in the largest perspective possible, and start building your response from that perspective. By the time the final pass comes around in October, you'll be already in motion in a positive direction.

Uranus begins its annual five-month retrograde stint on the 19th. If you've experienced Uranus transits lately, you get to experience them again -- and yet again after Uranus looks forward again in November. This triple-treat approach is typical of the faraway outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, all of which spend 4-5 months out of every year in retrograde motion. (Pluto sometimes makes the same aspect five times in up to two years!) In this way, the heavy hitters allow you plenty of time to let their messages sink in and to take the necessary actions.

While Uranus is backtracking, open up your mind and think outside that box. Uranus transits are usually a call to depart from entrenched habits of thought and action. If you aren't taking at least a few baby steps in some new direction, Uranus will find a way to deliver a well-overdue wake-up call. What new direction depends on the aspected planet(s) and houses involved. As always, see your astrologer for the complete lowdown on your own situation!


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