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November 2005

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Tue. 11/8, 3pm EST Mercury Retrograde: breeze through this normally frustrating period (November 14 - December 3) free of stress
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Tue. 11/15, 3pm EST Finding Your Feet: if you're in career limbo, join a workgroup to help you find your path.
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Tue. 11/17, 7pm EST Finding Your Feet: second offering. Same class as on 11/15.
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Mon. 12/19, 3pm EST Venus Retrograde: why you need to tread carefully in all your relationships during this sensitive time - especially since it coincides with the holidays
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Last month I talked about Jupiter's entry into Scorpio on the 25th -- the beginning of a year-long opportunity to delve into the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of life; to engage on a deeper level, mentally, emotionally, magically; to transcend our dogma and shed limiting beliefs and habits.

Now Jupiter is approaching a trine to Uranus. The 7-year transit of Uranus in Pisces (2003-2010) opens the way for a series of spiritual epiphanies and creative departures from the normal and expected. In the year ahead, we're uniquely positioned to plunge into the depths of our being and bring up pearls. Break out your wetsuit!

All times EST
New Moon
Mercury turns retrograde
Uranus turns direct
Full Moon
Saturn turns retrograde
Jupiter trine Uranus
Find out how this season's retrogrades affect you personally, and how you can use these times of reflection, re-evaluation and revision to your advantage.
Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.
- Helen Keller
Remember, you cannot abandon what you do not know. To go beyond yourself, you must first know yourself.
- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Astrologer Miriam Klamkin


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I so love this time of year. November is my second favorite month, right after October both in the wheel of the year and in my heart. I revel in making that rustling noise with my feet ankle-deep in dry leaves, sniffing the air redolent with woodsmoke and leaf mould, and biting into a crisp apple (Macouns are my favorites).

So I refuse to let anything spoil my Fall, not even Mars and Mercury retrograde at the same time. This issue of the NVA News offers special considerations for maintaining yourself as a "no-stress" zone during this "extra-stress" time.

There are also a few pointers on DIY (do-it-yourself) astrology for success in business. Since I'm giving a talk on that subject next week anyway, I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity to pass on a little of that wisdom to you.

I want to add a special THANK YOU to those of you who booked consultations with me during September and October, thus donating 10% of your fees to ongoing relief and rebuilding efforts in Katrina- and Rita-affected areas along the Gulf Coast. Your money will help support Common Ground, a grass-roots relief and rebuilding collective that has leapt into action, providing health-care, cleanup, rebuilding and distribution services in some severely underserved areas.



in Sagittarius and Scorpio

You've all heard my Mercury Retrograde spiel by now -- all about the famous revolving door of multiple changes in plans, information uncovered (or hidden) where you least expect it, and games of "Telephone" with family, friends and business associates where you say ABC and they hear LMNOP (or vice versa).

This time the drama is played out against the backdrop of the signs of Sagittarius (Nov. 14-26) and Scorpio (Nov. 26 - Dec. 3). So for the first 2 weeks, miscommunications will be occasioned mostly by carelessness and overconfidence, and during the final week, retro Mercury will be roughly opposing retro Mars, in a sign co-ruled by Pluto and Mars, both known for calling a spade a spade without considerations of tact or safety. Sag isn't known for pulling punches either, so this MRx you can expect more than a few buttons to be pushed, and pushed hard.

Look at the Sag, Scorpio and Taurus houses in your birth chart to see where you may need to pile on a little extra psychic shielding during this phase. The Jupiter-Uranus trine should lend a little more perspective and sense of humor than might otherwise be expected, and perhaps something more exciting and inspiring to think about than who said what to whom or why your printer keeps spitting out those strange characters instead of the nice neat document you thought you sent it.

To ensure that you're not the one going off the deep end, I'm providing three tools to promote your sanity and serenity during the tense days ahead. The free teleclass will help you get your head around what to expect and give you a tip or two about how to handle it. The 5-lesson e-course prepares you with mental tools and exercises for building and maintaining your "no-stress" zone. And the private consultation helps pinpoint particular areas of your psyche that will need your love and care. Click here to sign up for any or all of these!


for business success!

Yes, you can "do it yourself" to a certain extent, with almost no knowledge of astrology. You can easily follow common phenomena that affect all of us. All you need are a few basic facts and a good almanac or ephemeris. Here's a thumbnail sketch of the main things you need to know -- and where to go to find more.

  • To help you keep track of significant dates, including Equinoxes, New and Full Moons, and retrograde periods, I maintain an almanac on the EarthSpirit Community website.

  • Fellow astrologer (and all-around genius) Debbi Kempton-Smith maintains a Void of Course Moon calendar on her site.

  • Get a private consultation with me when one of the retrograde periods comes around. More information in this issue.
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