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Where's your energy going in 2005? Want to make the year flow easily? Schedule your 2005 update reading now! (Special note to all Aquarians and Pisceans: Make it your birthday present to yourself -- save 10% when the Sun's in your sign!)
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Is it possible to choose prosperity over scarcity in your life? The folks at Choosing Prosperity say "Yes!" Their Prosperity Game is an exercise intended to jack up your powers of visualization, infuse you with a sense of the abundance in the Universe, and attune you to the experience of receiving money and other good things. You get a "virtual check" every day (e-mail version) or every "visit" (online version), in increasing amounts, and you get to "spend" it on anything you want -- but, as the old joke about psychoanalysis goes, you have to really, really want it! Try it -- it's magical and fun!
I'm setting aside 1% of Night Vision's 2005 revenue for peace. That's 1% of everything you pay me for readings, coaching, workshops, teleclasses, e-books and *whatever* comes out of my fertile brain in the coming year. This year's beneficiary will be an organization I really admire: Seeds of Peace. These visionary and courageous folks are bringing together teenagers of opposing factions to build models for peaceful co-existence. What better way to create peace in the world?
If you've seen the website lately, you'll have noticed a new, blue-and-white button on the home page, under the title "Miriam by the minute!". What that's about: Sometimes you just need a quick hit of astrological counsel and can't wait to schedule a full-length reading. I've joined the Keen Network to make it easy for you to get "just-in-time coaching" from me over the phone, and to introduce my services to new clients. Basically, you pay a per-minute rate to talk to me. Since Keen works on a feedback system (similar to eBay's), I can use some positive feedback to get me off to a good start, so come on down! You get three free minutes just for joining Keen -- and you subscribers will soon see an e-mail invitation from me with extra free minutes. To try it out now, just go to the NVA website and click on that blue and white Keen button!
November 26th's Full Moon inspired Bob to the following flight of doggerel:

The Sun's in Sagittarius
The Moon in Gemini
I say, Drink and be merrious,
For who knows when we die?

Bob doesn't know squat about astrology, which makes this a perfect example of synchronicity in action. His li'l ditty expresses the moment so well, with the Sun (the life force) and Pluto (consciousness of death) together in the sign of Sagittarius (the philosopher, humorist, and well-known partygoer), opposite the Moon (emotions, public mood) in Gemini (playfulness). Not only was it a reminder to celebrate life at the darkest time of year, it shows how astrology works even when you're not watching! Thanks, Bob!
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In this issue:
  • Time for your 2005 update reading!
  • Send a friend and save!
  • Mercury Retrograde without tears???
    New classes in January, February and March!
  • Hot resource: The Prosperity Game
  • 1% for peace
  • On synchronicity (and living fully)
  • Special offer for subscribers: a gift on its way to you!


Was this December extra stressful for you? Did you experience any or all of the following:
  • computers going crazy with bizarre, bewildering technical problems?
  • tons of ideas but spinning your wheels, unable to move forward?
  • information overload, too many distractions?
  • confusion and miscommunication in scheduling, meeting and travel plans?

Most people experience some or all of this during Mercury's retrograde periods, and never know what hit them. So many of my friends and clients suffered from this kind of discombobulation during the last Mercury Retrograde period (Nov. 30th to Dec. 20th) that I saw a glaring need for some information and coaching to help you sail through those times when Mercury is up to mischief. There ARE ways to minimize the negative effects and actually THRIVE while this is going on.

Therefore, since Mercury turns retrograde again on March 19th (and stays that way until April 12th) I'm offering a one-hour teleclass, to be repeated three times during late February and early March. These classes are conducted via telephone -- you call in from the comfort of your home or office -- and I'm offering this series at no charge, so you only pay your regular long distance rates to your phone company.

You'll be notified as soon as I have positive dates, but if you think you might like to attend the class, let me know right away! Your preferences could influence the schedule, and your needs will certainly define the content!

We'll talk about what "Mercury retrograde" IS, how it manifests in our lives (bring your stories if you've got 'em!), how to plan for it (3 different styles for different personality types), and what to do when chaos reigns despite our best efforts.

I'm also offering this material in a workshop (under the title "The Power of Attention") at EarthSpirit's Feast of Lights in Northampton, MA on Saturday, January 29th. So for those of you who will be attending the festival, I look forward to seeing you there!

Please understand: I'm counting on your feedback to help me turn these classes into an e-book* that will help thousands (dare I say millions?) of people DANCE through Mercury's retrograde periods stress-free! So y'all please come!

* An e-book, for those of you who don't know, is just a book in electronic format, such as a PDF file. It's easy for me to put together, easy for you to download, and saves paper. (Though it's also easy to print, if you prefer to read it that way -- most e-books are short and to the point.)

Two subscribers reported Mercury-retro experiences. Here's what they had to say:

Erin's story

Erin wrote me right in the middle of the December retro period:

"So, is mercury retrograde right now or something? Cause I'm having the worst series of miscommunications and technological failures and flub-ups that I have had in years. Or is this just me and my bad karma right now?"

When I responded that it was, indeed, Mercury and not her personal karma, she very sensibly subscribed to Transit Alert so that, in her words, "maybe I won't get blind-sided by this again." Sometime after Mercury turned direct, she sent in the following report:

"I don't think I have ever been quite so SMACKED by a mercury retrograde....just about everything whacked me upside the head for that period of time. But, the most interesting thing about it was the end of the story. I told you I was trying to write a paper during that week...well, I spent the entire week getting nowhere with the paper. Finally, after waking up on Monday morning hours after mercury turned direct I had an epiphany about the paper and realized that I needed to completely change my approach to the subject...(the paper was a draft of my senior essay, btw) I called my TA, told her my realization and asked if a beefy outline would be ok. She told me that she was delighted that I had had this realization, and that she had been hoping that I would eventually turn the paper in precisely this direction. Call it whatever you want, but Monday I literally floated through drafting and compiling the outline and it was virtually done by dinner time. It was like the flood gates opened..."

Dianne's story

Here's what happened to Dianne during the August retro period:

"I have a kind of funny M-retro story. As I understand it sometimes mechanical things have problems during this time. This is the story of my attempting to do a simple chore as cutting the lawn this week.

"I started Monday night around 6 thinking that the expansive 1 acre of lawn that I have needed to be mowed. But first the dog needed his walk and while out in the woods with him, I was either guided to or distracted to build a fire pit for sacred fires. So...that took about an hour of hauling rocks...then on to the mowing. About 1/2 hour into the job it began to thunder and off I went to put the tractor away leaving a combination of mowed and unmowed stripes in the lawn.

"Tuesday around the same time the grass was now dry enough to cut...and trying to get every edge done, I managed to catch the 30' of the dogs lead (metal) tightly around the 3 sets of blades in the tractor. Good to know that this is a big tractor with a history of giving me mechanical challenges.

"In an effort to avoid the $150 service call to fix the problem, I first found some ancient tin snips. With all my might I managed to trim back some of the lead...but could not untangle. And, you can imagine me lying on the ground trying to get under the tractor!

"Next I borrowed another tool...of unknown name, from a friend who claimed that her husband was able to cut this material at their house. He must have been Hercules because I couldn't make a dent.

"So now I'm smartening up and take the metal lead to the local hardware store in search of a tool that I can use to do the cutting. 3 women were 'manning' the hardware store and we found a girl size, but powerful set of bolt cutters that did the trick. Yippee a potential solution. And back under the tractor I went. Except that even running the blasted machine up on a rock wall didn't get it up high enough for me to get to where I needed.

"I finally gave up and called the service center. I thought about starting my conversation with the service scheduler with 'don't laugh' but didn't. And then she chuckled and said she thought this was the funniest service call she'd ever heard. She's new and doesn't know the history of me and the tractor from hell.

"Moral of the story: no grass cutting during M-retro."

Thanks for sharing your stories, Erin and Dianne!

Here again is the link to express interest in the teleclass. If it doesn't work for you, just send me a message at

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